Preventing IT Downtime Is The Difference Between Life & Death For Mount Alvernia Hospital


Mount Alvernia Hospital has been serving the Singapore community since the 1950s. Mount Alvernia is a 303-bed general acute care hospital with tertiary medical capabilities and two multi-disciplinary medical specialist centres. The hospital is supported by over 1,000 accredited doctors and about 100 specialists based on-campus.

 Business Challenges

The exponential growth of Mount Alvernia Hospital has been accompanied with a growing number of devices and electronic services to support the doctors, specialists and supporting medical staff. This resulted in the IT team being overwhelmed with the responsibility of just keeping track of its IT infrastructure, as well as monitoring multiple mission-critical devices.

As the IT team was not in a position to effectively configure rules or alert levels to effectively monitor its IT infrastructure, they were required to spend a large percentage of their time in fire-fighting mode, trying to figure out where the problems were.
Evaluating NetGain System’s Service

NetGain Systems Managed Monitoring Service – a plug & play solution – immediately gave Mount Alvernia’s IT team the ability to monitor its entire IT infrastructure, which is made up of 100s of devices, multiple database servers, Middleware and numerous in-house business applications – and it was now all done automatically, under a single management console.


Mount Alvernia Hospital IT team can be alerted of potential issues before they reach their users.

Advantages upon using NetGain Systems:

  • Detecting simple and critical issues within a minute of occurrence.
  • Decrease in complaints from end-users.
  • Being organized and systematic about their own daily responsibilities.

    Working together in close partnership, Mount Alvernia was able to quickly and cost-effectively implement a fully automated monitoring solution to relieve the IT team from mundane IT monitoring activities and free them up to focus on more strategic and valuable initiatives.