Polytechnic Sees Increase In IT Satisfaction Scores With IT Monitoring



Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic was established in 2002, and received its first intake of more than 800 students at its Tanglin Campus in 2003. Having since moved to the larger, permanent campus in Singapore’s Woodlands in 2006, it now supports more than 14,000 students.

Business Challenges

The phenomenal growth of Republic Polytechnic has been accompanied by an even faster increase in devices and electronic services to support students and campus staff. This has resulted in the IT team having to utilize the majority of its resources to monitor a complex and continuously evolving IT infrastructure.

Evaluating NetGain System’s Service
Republic Polytechnic’s IT team approached several vendors, however were unable to look past NetGain Systems, who could deliver Monitoring Services – which delivered flexibility and ease-of-use that was very attractive to the team.

As a model, Monitoring Services met RPs exact requirements, as it would evolve as its IT infrastructure evolved, NetGain would constantly upgrade the service with new versions at no extra cost, and most importantly, it would not require any additional head count within RP.

Less IT downtime meant lecturers and students can teach and learn more.

Advantages upon using NetGain Systems:

  • Detect issues in just a minute of occurrence.
  • IT team is able to pro-actively approach the problem even before it occurs too with the help of threshold settings.
  • Decreasing end-user complaints.
  • Facing lesser downtime situations.

Within a week of installing NetGain Systems Monitoring Services, NetGain Systems helped the IT team saw a dramatic decrease in end-user complaints, thus very quickly building back trust between both parties. This was the outcome from NetGain Systems monitoring their storage, network, servers, applications and databases, along with their VMware appliance. The end-users were also giving higher end-user satisfaction scores, as they were now facing less IT downtime and thus, experiencing fewer frustrations.