Polytechnic Sees Increase In IT Satisfaction Scores With IT Monitoring



Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic was established in 2002, and received its first intake of more than 800 students at its Tanglin Campus in 2003. Having since moved to the larger, permanent campus in Singapore’s Woodlands in 2006, it now supports more than 14,000 students.

Business Challenges

The phenomenal growth of Republic Polytechnic has been accompanied by an even faster increase in devices and electronic services to support students and campus staff. This has resulted in the IT team having to utilize the majority of its resources to monitor a complex and continuously evolving IT infrastructure.

Evaluating NetGain System’s Service
Republic Polytechnic’s IT team approached several vendors, however were unable to look past NetGain Systems, who could deliver Monitoring Services – which delivered flexibility and ease-of-use that was very attractive to the team.

As a model, Monitoring Services met RPs exact requirements, as it would evolve as its IT infrastructure evolved, NetGain would constantly upgrade the service with new versions at no extra cost, and most importantly, it would not require any additional head count within RP.

Less IT downtime meant lecturers and students can teach and learn more.

Advantages upon using NetGain Systems:

  • Detect issues in just a minute of occurrence.
  • IT team is able to pro-actively approach the problem even before it occurs too with the help of threshold settings.
  • Decreasing end-user complaints.
  • Facing lesser downtime situations.

Within a week of installing NetGain Systems Monitoring Services, NetGain Systems helped the IT team saw a dramatic decrease in end-user complaints, thus very quickly building back trust between both parties. This was the outcome from NetGain Systems monitoring their storage, network, servers, applications and databases, along with their VMware appliance. The end-users were also giving higher end-user satisfaction scores, as they were now facing less IT downtime and thus, experiencing fewer frustrations.



One of the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world, Panasonic Corporation comprises over 680 companies. One group within this global corporation is the Corporate Information Systems Company, a Division of Panasonic Asia Pacific.

Business Challenges

The support and scope requirements on Panasonic were increasing at a rapid pace, with more and more systems coming into play. Panasonic followed ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) – a global best practise standard – and identified three processes that needed to be strengthened to ensure adherence to these standards – 1. Change Management 2. Affordability3. Problem Management

Panasonic was managing their infrastructure monitoring with a script developed internally. The scripts varied across devices and this was an issue when a new person took over as he may not understand the script.

Alerts from these scripts did not have clear guidelines or escalation processes in place to ensure immediate action. As such, Panasonic felt that the implementation was messy and didn’t allow them to achieve their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with internal customers. Panasonic were spending a lot of time monitoring their own systems and it was taking up an enormous amount of team resources. The essential issue they faced was alerts were issued, but there was no centralized procedure around the alerts, and many times, they did not act on the alerts until the next day. This is too late as theend-user would already experience the problem.






                                                   Business View allows Panasonic to link IT to their business and address issues immediately

Evaluating NetGain System’s Service

Panansonic have been working with NetGain for 18 months and during this time, Panasonic has gone through many changes – infrastructure, people and services. All throughout the working relationship, Panasonic have communicated their requirements and NetGain Systems have configured the infrastructure monitoring service to suit those requirements.

When Panasonic signed the service agreement with NetGain Systems, there was anagreed an escalation matrix with them, so when alerts are issued, NetGain Systems ensured that alerts are escalated to the right people until action is taken. It’s been extremely efficient and Panasonic have had no major issues with NetGain since this service has been in place.

Currently, Panasonic have two NetGain Enterprise Manager devices sitting in our regional datacenter. The boxes feature high availability architecture and track Panasonic South East Asian systems from a central location. Panasonic datacenter is where they manage their mission critical IT services – such as email – so this is where everything is consolidated in one place.

Advantages upon using NetGain Systems

  • Access to real-time, business ready information.
  • Knowing the growth of IT infrastructure.
  • Tracking the growth of IT infrastructure. Securities.

IT Monitoring Allows IT Team To Match The Growing Complexity Of Its Business


MetLife was established on 25 March 2004 in Beijing, China. MetLife’s focus on the high-technology industry and financial services industry has given impetus to industrial innovation in the whole of China, enhancing and sustaining China’s economic growth and development.

Business Challenges

As MetLife cannot afford any losses and downtime caused by technical problems, the IT team monitors MetLife IT infrastructure, 24/7, which requires huge manpower. Compounded with the large scale of the company, problems of monitoring and manpower needs have become even more perplexing. Therefore, a solution to solve these problems is a need for MetLife.

Evaluating NetGain System’s Service

NetGain Systems, however, was found to combine a holistic IT architecture management structure with effective blade servers, creating an all-encompassing plug-and-play system. It has effectively reduced and minimized the need to procure other forms of integrated management and implementation, shortened MetLife’s IT training cycles, enhanced timesaving, and lowered manpower costs.


           With better IT infrastructure, MetLife team can focus on delivering the best products to clients.


Advantages upon using NetGain Systems:

  • Having a proactive system notifying them instead of a reactive management system.
  • Customizable reports to satisfy MetLife’s CEO

As NetGain Enterprise Manager is a plug-and-play hardware, MetLife did not have to install and configure any other operating systems and databases. MetLife also found NetGain Enterprise Manager to be different from the traditional IT infrastructure management, which is very resource-intensive and contains multiple element divisions. Instead, it combines a holistic IT architecture management structure with effective blade servers, creating an all-encompassing plug-and-play system. It has effectively reduced and minimized the need to procure other forms of integrated management and implementation, shortened our training cycles, enhanced timesaving, and lowered manpower costs.








Preventing IT Downtime Is The Difference Between Life & Death For Mount Alvernia Hospital


Mount Alvernia Hospital has been serving the Singapore community since the 1950s. Mount Alvernia is a 303-bed general acute care hospital with tertiary medical capabilities and two multi-disciplinary medical specialist centres. The hospital is supported by over 1,000 accredited doctors and about 100 specialists based on-campus.

 Business Challenges

The exponential growth of Mount Alvernia Hospital has been accompanied with a growing number of devices and electronic services to support the doctors, specialists and supporting medical staff. This resulted in the IT team being overwhelmed with the responsibility of just keeping track of its IT infrastructure, as well as monitoring multiple mission-critical devices.

As the IT team was not in a position to effectively configure rules or alert levels to effectively monitor its IT infrastructure, they were required to spend a large percentage of their time in fire-fighting mode, trying to figure out where the problems were.
Evaluating NetGain System’s Service

NetGain Systems Managed Monitoring Service – a plug & play solution – immediately gave Mount Alvernia’s IT team the ability to monitor its entire IT infrastructure, which is made up of 100s of devices, multiple database servers, Middleware and numerous in-house business applications – and it was now all done automatically, under a single management console.


Mount Alvernia Hospital IT team can be alerted of potential issues before they reach their users.

Advantages upon using NetGain Systems:

  • Detecting simple and critical issues within a minute of occurrence.
  • Decrease in complaints from end-users.
  • Being organized and systematic about their own daily responsibilities.

    Working together in close partnership, Mount Alvernia was able to quickly and cost-effectively implement a fully automated monitoring solution to relieve the IT team from mundane IT monitoring activities and free them up to focus on more strategic and valuable initiatives.

Always On IT Infrastructure Equals Happy Traders


Overview 案例一(2)

Trading shares online is a very common thing these days. Any IT downtime, especially doing trading hours, will be very costly for traders. A local securities firm, established in 1973, was one of the first among its peers to introduce Internet Share Trading in Singapore in October 1998. In June 2008, as mobile devices started to be more popular, the financial security firm introduced its mobile trading channel where clients could view “live” streams of stock prices on their mobile devices. As smartphones became more prevalent, they soon launched its iOS and Android apps to allow clients to do their trades “on-the-go”.

The securities firm become one of the first to make available a trade charting online application to allow their clients to use technical charting tools and also view 10 years of their trade history with them.

Business Challenges

As the financial securities firm increased its technological offerings for customers to make better trading decisions, the IT infrastructure on the backend also grew exponentially. This meant that the IT team had to constantly check each device to ensure functionality and uptime as any downtime of device would affect the customer experience on the front end.

The IT team saw that the approach was unproductive as the IT team had to spend time logging in to the control panel of each device. This took up resources and valuable man hours which could have been used for other IT activities which could have brought more value to the company.

The financial securities firm positioned customer satisfaction as a key performance indicator for the IT team. As such, the IT team had to ensure that customers were able to access their accounts online 24/7.


 Business View allows IT Team at the financial securities firm to view how IT downtime affects their business

Evaluating NetGain System’s Service

The financial securities firm already knew that NetGain Systems IT Monitoring Solution was the solution they were looking for to manage their every growing complex IT infrastructure. Within an hour of the Proof- Of- Concept, the IT team was able to have a bird’s eye view of their complex IT infrastructure and identify areas which required improvement.

Advantages upon using NetGain Systems

  • The single dashboard view has increased the level of productivity among the IT team.
  • More time to react to problems
  • Increased the end users satisfaction towards the company.

Lim & Tan Securities.




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