One of the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world, Panasonic Corporation comprises over 680 companies. One group within this global corporation is the Corporate Information Systems Company, a Division of Panasonic Asia Pacific.

Business Challenges

The support and scope requirements on Panasonic were increasing at a rapid pace, with more and more systems coming into play. Panasonic followed ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) – a global best practise standard – and identified three processes that needed to be strengthened to ensure adherence to these standards – 1. Change Management 2. Affordability3. Problem Management

Panasonic was managing their infrastructure monitoring with a script developed internally. The scripts varied across devices and this was an issue when a new person took over as he may not understand the script.

Alerts from these scripts did not have clear guidelines or escalation processes in place to ensure immediate action. As such, Panasonic felt that the implementation was messy and didn’t allow them to achieve their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with internal customers. Panasonic were spending a lot of time monitoring their own systems and it was taking up an enormous amount of team resources. The essential issue they faced was alerts were issued, but there was no centralized procedure around the alerts, and many times, they did not act on the alerts until the next day. This is too late as theend-user would already experience the problem.






                                                   Business View allows Panasonic to link IT to their business and address issues immediately

Evaluating NetGain System’s Service

Panansonic have been working with NetGain for 18 months and during this time, Panasonic has gone through many changes – infrastructure, people and services. All throughout the working relationship, Panasonic have communicated their requirements and NetGain Systems have configured the infrastructure monitoring service to suit those requirements.

When Panasonic signed the service agreement with NetGain Systems, there was anagreed an escalation matrix with them, so when alerts are issued, NetGain Systems ensured that alerts are escalated to the right people until action is taken. It’s been extremely efficient and Panasonic have had no major issues with NetGain since this service has been in place.

Currently, Panasonic have two NetGain Enterprise Manager devices sitting in our regional datacenter. The boxes feature high availability architecture and track Panasonic South East Asian systems from a central location. Panasonic datacenter is where they manage their mission critical IT services – such as email – so this is where everything is consolidated in one place.

Advantages upon using NetGain Systems

  • Access to real-time, business ready information.
  • Knowing the growth of IT infrastructure.
  • Tracking the growth of IT infrastructure. Securities.